Unique Solutions for Drug Discovery and Development



Customized Services and Products

Today's drug development teams need solutions that push discovery, de-risk development, and trim timelines. But each project comes with a unique set of challenges. Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a company founded and led by active research scientists, so our approach to helping you solve those challenges is different. We dig in and tackle them the way you would, designing unique solutions to make sure you're successful at every stage of discovery and development. Download the Custom Products and Services brochure to learn more about: 

  • Early Access to the CST R&D Pipeline—Speed up your development programs with early access to CST® antibodies and other products before they're commercially available.
  • Custom Antibody Conjugation/Labeling Service—Validated and optimized custom antibody conjugates that deliver superior performance over do-it-yourself conjugation.
  • Proteomics Analytical Services—Identify and validate drug targets, uncover biomarkers, determine off target effects, and drug mechanism action.
  • Long Term Supply, Lot Reservation, and Bulk Orders—Tailor your lot reservations, long-term supply, and scheduled shipments so you have product when you need it. Flexible production lets CST scale to meet your small or large-scale product needs.
  • Customized and Carrier-Free Formulations—Recombinant antibodies tailored for your assay and platform needs.
  • Custom ELISA Kits and Antibody Pairs—ELISA products customized for your specific project requirements.