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Correlate protein expression with genomic data and IHC

Measure protein, DNA and RNA in tissue samples using CST antibodies on the NanoString® nCounter® platform.

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Sample profiling with multiplexed, quantitative readouts for protein, DNA and RNA is desirable in order to maximize information yielded from limited tissue samples and to obtain a broader understanding of tumor evolution. However, this can be challenging due to variations in sample handling and fixation protocols, and quantitative comparison between protein, RNA and mutations in the same sample is lacking. In this app note, we demonstrate multi-analyte characterization of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) FFPE samples. IHC-validated, NanoString Barcoded antibodies were used to compare abundance of key signaling proteins, in parallel with analysis of RNA transcript abundance and DNA single nucleotide variant (SNV) mutations on the NanoString® 3D Biology™ and nCounter® platform. We present results demonstrating concordance of RNA/protein quantification with clinical gold standard IHC methodology.

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