PTMScan® HS: Simplified PTM Proteomics Workflow Solution

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Simplify your proteomics workflow and detect thousands of post-translationally modified peptides with the enhanced methods in PTMScan® HS Kits.

Quantify significantly more PTM sites with the improved sensitivity and specificity of these kits, all while using less starting sample.

  • PTMScan® HS Phospho-Tyrosine (P-Tyr-1000) Kit #38572
  • PTMScan® HS Acetyl-Lysine Motif (Ac-K) Kit #46784
  • PTMScan® HS Ubiquitin/SUMO Remnant Motif (K-ε-GG) Kit #59322
  • PTMScan® HS Succinyl-Lysine Motif (Succ-K) Kit #60724

Download this flyer to see exactly how the PTMScan® HS kits perform in comparison to the classic PTMScan kits.