Are your western blot results giving you the conclusive data you need? Have you run multiple gels, worked tirelessly to elucidate signal, and then found yourself staring at mixed results, not sure what to trust? You’re not alone.

Simply understanding the importance of a western blot doesn’t translate to experimental success. Even after several attempts, researchers may not see clear bands of signal detection due to low signal or high background noise.

This 5-day challenge will guide you through many key factors necessary to perfecting your western blots including:

  • Using the appropriate cell lines and tissues
  • Selecting positive and negative controls
  • Choosing a lysis buffer and sonicating samples
  • Selecting the appropriate blocking buffer conditions

If you’ve been plagued by western blotting issues, we’re here to help. Join our 5-day western blot challenge to get the clear results you’re looking for. We’ll break down the process, reviewing 1 key piece of the puzzle each day, to help you unlock your blotting potential.

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